The sports genre.. if you're not a fan of it then it can't be helped but danggg ! how much you're missing out. Most people don't start watching anime with the sports genre and even when they dive deeper into the vast sea of anime genres, it is one that usually is missed out.

Now how does Haikyuu, a simple series mean that you miss out a lot?

Hello people it's been a while . My head feels like gonna explode with knowledge , but no worries knowledge is good tho hehe. So I have been turned to 20+ on 19 of march which is the last saturday (Guess my age? ) , I have been able to celebrate my birthday on second time in my entire life . It was pretty rare to celebrate my birthday tho , you know what everybody is busy unless you have the love one remind it for you . Who's that ? . I'm talking about my family and not forgotten , of course my friends who make a suprise party in my room . Haha It was pretty cool moment and because I'm too enjoyed , I'm totally forgot to captured those moment through my lense . Holy wacamolly !! but my friends have it on instagram , so I will steal it but with permissions "of course" daaa 
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Assalamualaikum and good morning people ?. How are ya ? I hope you guys have a great weekend . In this world we will have a "progressions" and "progressions" makes a good products . Nowadays , especially my country -malaysia- , things get so much easier with technologies by using a Laptops and most of it , they're/we are using mobile phones or everyone called it as a "smartphones". So today I would like to recomended a websites that can helps you to find a rented room
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